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Since our humble beginnings we’ve helped many corporations around New Zealand experience the power of breathing. We will give you the knowledge on how to deal with stress management, anxiety, and empowering your teams through our corporate program. Please read the below testimonials and contact us to book your company into a private workshop.


Our company has been enrolled in weekly breathing sessions through the local STM wellness centre for many months now. This incredible benefit has been very well received by our employees with most attending with regularity. Many employees report they are sleeping better, are able to manage stress better, and have learned to use these techniques throughout the regular stressors of daily life. I could not recommend these classes more as a very valuable employee benefit!


Thanks so much for the day on the 1st of September, what an amazing day it was. Camex decided to take some of the management team to S.T.M Breathing to try and help us cope better with our daily demands that is required from our job. This course has truly been a life changer for all of us, we see it as valuable training for our staff to help with the stress created in the modern day workplace and would fully recommend anyone to attend this course.

Momento Group

The Momento Group team closed the office doors and we took time out for ourselves. It was an honour to team up with our friend Sandro Thiara Mota for an exclusive S.T.M Restorative Breathing workshop. Thank-you Sandro for imparting your wisdom and teaching us techniques to deal with stress and anxiety in the workplace and at home.

For all business owners out there, please take the time to ensure your staff’s well-being is a priority. Your business and your staff will thank you for it! We can highly recommend S.T.M Restorative Breathing.