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Cairo The Waikato Warrior George

“I have found the breathing techniques I learnt from sandro very beneficial to my recovery which is very important as professional boxer, I’m able to recover more effectively in between rounds. These same techniques I use with my competitive boxers from my gym to help them in the same way that breathing has helped me.

• NZ number 1 ranked super lightweight

• NZ welterweight title

• NZ light middleweight title

• IBO Asia Pacific welterweight title

Dr Prabani Wood, GP, Cambridge

A lot of the issues I deal with as part of my work as a GP are related to stress and anxiety. It is natural for us to breath hold and to take very superficial breaths when we are under stress. When that stress is present for prolonged periods of time, these abnormal patterns of breathing become the norm, such that even when we are unaware of feeling stressed our bodies are constantly in the ‘flight or flight mode’.

We have long been aware of the benefits of yoga, meditation and relaxation exercises for mental and physical wellbeing. I would highly recommend Sandro‘s restorative breathing classes as they are simple to follow and Sandro guides you throughout the class to enable you to reach a point of deep relaxation. Once you have mastered the techniques in class, they are then easy to incorporate I to your daily life.”


Our company has been enrolled in weekly breathing sessions through the local STM wellness centre for many months now. This incredible benefit has been very well received by our employees with most attending with regularity. Many employees report they are sleeping better, are able to manage stress better, and have learned to use these techniques throughout the regular stressors of daily life. I could not recommend these classes more as a very valuable employee benefit!

Robbie Manson – Olympic Rower

I found Sandro’s breathing workshop enjoyable, interesting, and very helpful. It was a very friendly and welcoming environment. Often I feel anxious in new situations with people I don’t know well, but I felt very comfortable and relaxed (and almost fell asleep at one point). I learned a lot about the correct way to breathe and how I can use that to manage my anxiety and reduce the overall stress in my life. The day was topped off with a delicious alkaline lunch. Sandro’s passion for helping people improve their quality of life is evident. I would recommend this course to everyone, especially people feeling like they want to manage the stress in their life in a 100% natural and healthy way.